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Jumaana Syed Ali, Chennai, India  
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A.N.J.Syed Ali
Director / Web Designer
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Chennai, India

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Welcome to My Website

Hi everyone, I am Syed Ali, from Chennai, India. I am a Web Designer by Profession and involve in Web Designing Business for past few years in the name of 4CreativeWeb Solutions. A dream to own a personal website for years has come true finally! And, this website is dedicated, in remembrance of our beloved daughters "Jumaana" & "Rabiya", who lives in the paradise & in our hearts, for ever.

I would also like to create SMA Awareness through my website, as we lost both of them for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) - The No.1 genetic killer of babies & infants which has no cure so far. Read More...

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Help to Build a Mosque - Masjidhun Noor
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Remembrance of Jumaana - Our 4-month old "Silver Pearl"
Remembrance of Rabiya - Our 7-month old "Princess"
Remembrance of Fatima - My friend's 7-month old cute angel from Pakistan
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Know about SMA & help to END SMA! - Help to end the #1 genetic killer of young children, the babies & infants!
CHIME (A trust formed by MIOT Hospital, Chennai) is giving free heart surgery for children with congenital heart disease
CHILDLINE India Foundation: Child Protection in India, Child Development in India - Call 1098 Night & Day
Bharat Blood Bank - Save a Life
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