My best friend Ravi Shankar from Bangalore
Jumaana Syed Ali, Chennai, India
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A real friend is one who walks in, when the rest of the world walks out - Rasamby N.Ravi Shankar, Bangalore
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Friend's Corner - Ravi Shankar
N.Ravi Shankar @ Rasamby, Bangalore, India
Roles: Admin, Manager, Technical Advisor
Work: Mohan & Co, Bangalore
Networking: Blog, Orkut
ஆக்கம் முதல் அழிவு வரை
எத்தனை தாக்கம்
இந்த பெண்கள் !
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Have you been to Courtallam?
Courtallam the Spa of south and poor man's ooty....Courtallam water has medical properties since the water runs through forests of herbs and the water therapeutic qualities to cure physical ailments.
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