Tawana Williams - a victim of brutal medical negligence - Born without arms
Jumaana Syed Ali, Chennai, India
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Tawana Williams - a victim of brutal medical negligence - Born without arms
Tawana Williams

The words "I can't" are not in Tawana Williams’ vocabulary. When you meet Tawana, she will not tell you about how she survived the trauma of a gang rape. She will not tell you about her experience with abortion and the miraculous birth of her daughter. She will not tell you about how God delivered her from a ten year struggle with cocaine addiction. Tawana will simply tell you that if you decide to do something in your life, you can do it.

She knows this lesson because she lives it everyday of her life. Should you meet her, it would be obvious why her life was so filled with challenges. Tawana Williams was a victim of brutal medical negligence; due to the drug Thalidomide that was given to her mother during pregnancy. Born without arms and impaired use of her legs, her compelling life story unfolds her will to survive the anguish of physical defect and the shame of abuse and isolation. Unable to fight with human hands, she fought in spirit, and yet lives to stand through the grace and courage of God, Unarmed but Dangerous.

Born in Wilson, NC, in 1963, Tawana was trained as a baby to use her feet as hands. She can do just about anything that someone with arms can do, even braid hair and write a check. She grew up in the Washington, DC. area, where she attended school. In 1981, as a senior in high school, she became addicted to crack cocaine because of peer pressure. Her addiction lasted 10 years. In 1991, after becoming tired of her lifestyle, she cried out for God to deliver her from her addictions. He answered her instantly.

Tawana is a Motivational Speaker & has been speaking since 1996, in 2002 her Organization became a 501c-3 non-profit organization. Tawana speaks to people encouraging them to look beyond their circumstances and to accept God’s gift of freedom without limitations. She captivates her audiences with her boldness and her ability to do what others might think is impossible.

Tawana is the author of two books, "I’m Different but I Can" and “Unarmed but Dangerous,” which was released in 2005. She is also an artist, poet, and vocalist. She has been a guest on the Judge Hatchett Show as a mentor, the Jerry Springer Show (Beating the Odds, 1993), and several other regional and national television programs. She speaks for groups in the corporate arena as well as in churches across the country.

She was the Special Guest for World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Mr. Les Brown at the Speakers Network Training in Atlanta, Georgia while there, she captured the minds and hearts of many other Professional Speakers. She’s now a Les Brown Platinum Speaker, a personal friend and men tee.

In 2009, Tawana launched her own book publishing company: Motivation For The Soul Book Publishing. She’s seeking motivational, inspirational, chapter books, poetry books, and stories to publish at an affordable rate.

"Most people don’t have what they want, because they don’t believe they can have it." - Tawana Williams

Source: Tawana Williams Website

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