An 7-month old Cute Angel Fatima from Pakistan is another victim of SMA
Jumaana Syed Ali, Chennai, India  
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I miss you most in the morning, when a day without you has just begun - Fatima Riaz, SMA Angel
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An 7-month old Cute Angel Fatima from Pakistan is another victim of SMA
Fatima Riaz

Having lost Jumaana our little Angel as a 4-month old baby for SMA, I know the pain of how a mom & dad of the baby will feel & what they go through in that hard phase of their life.

I am the member of SMA Space community for more than a year, since Jumaana left us & I have so many friends, parents who are going through a similar painful life as we do. And few months back one of my friend "Cassandra Johnson" introduced another friend named "Ghazal Farooki" from Pakistan, who has a SMA baby girl aged 6-months. It was an introduction to see if I can help Ghazal being from the neigbour country & to help her to stay strong mentally.

Ghazal & I became so close & every day we will stay busy at Facebook discussing about how her baby Fatima & our baby Rabiya is suffering with SMA.

We also used to discuss the painful short life that Jumaana had in her short stay. Mentally being much experienced than her, after Jumaana's loss, I would lead from front & console her through my messages every time & give her the mental support when ever it is needed.

Ghazal's daughter Fatima was a beautiful girl, who slowly started to struggle against the very violent SMA as days passed on. Once when Ghazal said me that Fatima is breathing so faster, it brought back the memories of Jumaana in her last days with fast breath. I still made sure that Ghazal was strong & hopeful that any wonders can still happen with Fatima.

On Feb-15th, 2010, we were travelling with Rabiya to Kerala for her treatment & we had a shocking message from Ghazal that "Fatima is no more with us". Though it was something I expected to happen, the news really left us stunned & we did not have words to write to console her anymore. She used to be a very soft person, a usual mom caring so much for her baby, a usual mom who worries & cries for every thing that happens around her baby. But with the experience of Jumaana, I would explain her how strong she should handle everything, I would console her whenever she is down & our communication definitely made her feel stronger. And she even started to think, its better if her baby does not suffer in this world any more every day with SMA. I was proud that my friendship has given her such a strong mental strength, just through the Internet using SMA Space & Facebook.

But now I dont find any words to console her at this heart breaking moment. But I am hopeful she will accept this with the faith on the Almighty with a happiness that Fatima will be living safe in the Paradise than suffering here every day.

I will wait for Ghazal to get back sometime sooner at SMA Space or Facebook with a hope that she will be a very strong women than we met before. And I am sure she is going to be strong enough to console & support many in the future.

And I will miss Fatima the little Angel for loving her so much, despite seeing her only in the Photo. She is a cute angel who will live in the safety hands of Almighty & wait for her parents in the Paradise. And what more, Jumaana will have Fatima for the company & they will live happily in the paradise.

God bless Jumaana & Fatima, the little Angels.

- "Jumaana" Syed Ali

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