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Hi everyone, I am Syed Ali, from Chennai, India. I am a Web Designer by Profession and involve in Web Designing Business for past few years in the name of 4CreativeWeb Solutions. Have Business partners & clients in US, UK, Kuwait, Nigeria and in India as well. I also own "Add4Biz" - a web site that helps to freely promote products, services & web sites.

A dream to own a personal web site for years has come true finally! And, this web site is dedicated, in remembrance of our beloved daughters "Jumaana" & "Rabiya", who lives in the paradise & in our hearts, forever. I would also like to create SMA Awareness through my website, as we lost both of them for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) - The No.1 genetic killer of babies & infants which has no cure so far.

Got married to a wonderful, loving & caring "Syed Ali Fathima" in July-2007 & as a result of the happy married life, God gave us a Silver Pearl in July 2008, our loving daughter "Jumaana Ibrahima". And, the Almighty took her with him in November 2008, when she was just 4-months & 2-days old, giving us the real shock, the real disaster, the real pain, the real tears in our life.

After a year, exactly on August 2009 the Almighty gave us another precious baby girl "Rabiya Ibrahima", who lived like a photo copy of Jumaana & we always felt as if the Almighty has given us Jumaana back, because of the very similar appearance. She was born very healthy, but started showing symptoms of SMA that "Jumaana" had, from third week of her birth. And, the Almighty took her with him in March 2010, when she was just 7-months & 29-days old, giving us another disaster that is so hard to digest, so hard to get back to real life. But we know, he has the right to do so & that, he is the only one who has the power to do so. God is Great. He has loved my Little Angels very much than what we did.

I have seen girls using their dad's name as the last name & for a change I started using my first daughter's name "Jumaana" with my name, from the moment she left us. Though Rabiya too left us later, but having always thought Rabiya as another Jumaana from her birth, I thought it is wise to continue the same way. Well, that is all I can do for being a dad, to such wonderful little angels, who will live in our hearts forever.

My personal life has been with usual ups & downs. The ups have kept me positive & the downs have taught me lot of lessons. It's said "Learn lessons from others mistakes, because you won't have the chance to commit all the mistakes". And, people around me could have learnt a lot, from the pains I have faced in my life. My heart always keeps praying, so others don't face the same at any stage of their life.

"Failure is not the falling down, it's just the staying down" - That has been my motto & that has been my lifestyle. Every time I was hurt, every time I was in pain, the Almighty has given me more strength, than I usually have & Thank God, now I know I can live up with anything. I remember the past, so it adds more strength to face the todays & I never think about tomorrows, as I am aware nothing is permanent even for the next second or the next minute.

I have come across people who have taught me the right lessons in my life, for showing true care & affection & for trying to be a perfect man, irrespective of how good they are to me. And I am very much practiced now to live with those pains & glad that I never gave the same to them at any stage of my life. And it's pretty good that now I learnt to live a very practical life. Sentiments & my sensitiveness have been buried long ago. Well, Love is worth, only when you get it 100% back. After all, you need two hands to applause. And, yeah, one heart can still survive all the pains, and I'm glad if its mine.

My life has been glorious with some best friends, who always give a shoulder to lean, when I am in need. Only there are few things that money can't buy & I would definitely rank my friends as the number one in that list. They are the one who gave me the support that I needed whenever I faced the hard times in my life & few of them has exceeded the expectations by doing a lot, that helped me to strengthen my career & to develop myself as a Web Designer & later as a Self-Employed business man.

During this great period of my web site launch, I remember those friends who first taught me how to use a keyboard, how to use a mouse & the basics of a computer. Their patience & guidance was like a mom caring a baby & that inspired my life & my path changed to the better from the worst & then to the best. You never know when & how success could come, but I know it could come your way someway or other, when you are with the best friends who care for you, who has the heart to help you, who knows the pain in you. Well, words can't just explain how worthy, a best friend is & indeed how worthy friendship is!

My parents, wife, brothers, friends & everyone around me has stood with me during my hard times & just a word "thanks" can't be the best answer from my end to all of them. But certainly, I would thank God, who gave me all of them & everything I need!

I am a lover of Nature, Peace, Soft Music & more than all these, I love babies, that too baby girls very much. Having said so, I don't have to explain how much I miss my daughters, the Silver Pearl "Jumaana" & the Princess "Rabiya". Well anyway I know that's how life goes & I am living with that today. Day's moves on & so as my life is...

- "Jumaana" Syed Ali

Full Name: A.N.J.Syed Ali
Date of Birth: March 13, 1979
Profession: Web Designer
Location: Chennai, India
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